"Penny for Your Thoughts" Birthyear Cent Pendant

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I don't do a whole lot of work with cents but I had great idea for my wife on Valentine Day. Of course the talk about my idea caused a "buzz" and the "Penny for Your Thoughts" found its way into my inventory.  Using some of my smallest tools and a couple of my magic cutting techniques I cut the words "I LOVE YOU" into a cent.  I finish this pendant with a Nickel Color Bezel or a Gold Color Bezel Frame and a large split ring.

I treat all my "Penny" creations with Protectaclear to prevent the rapid tarnish for which cents are known.

Please Choose your desired coin, finish color, and note year if you desire a particular one.  I also made a box if you have any special instructions.  I will do my best to find your coin or contact you.