Peace Sign Dime Cut Out, Pendant or KeyRing

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I cut a "Peace Sign" in a dime.  The Peace Symbol originated in Europe as a protest for Nuclear Disarmament in 1958, a superimposed semaphore (flag) symbols for "N" and "D".  Brought to the US in 1960 and adapted as the "chicken scratch" button to promote peace and love, the "Peace Symbol" still to this day is the most widely recognized symbol of peace and love.

  • Cut Out only includes a black velveteen bag for safekeeping...most common for Golf Markers.
  • Soldered Pendant is finished with a Solid Sterling Silver Bail (adds $3.00)
  • Bezel Setting is a Solid Frame Holder around the Cut Only and are very sturdy for Keychains or Heavy Duty Pendants (adds $5.00)
  • Add a standard Split Ring for 25 cents to complete the Bezel as a Keyring

Peace Symbol Earrings from Dimes