Canadian Nickel Beaver Cut Out, Pendant, or KeyRing

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In 1998, I cut this Beaver out of a Canadian Nickel and soldered a Tie Tack Pin to the reverse. I put it up on eBay as a joke for $2. Seven days later a couple of MIT students had out bid each other to $54. Soon after I had regular sales to MIT and won the "Busy Beaver" award.  To this day I advertise this cut as "The joke that changed my life".  Still an attractive conversation piece, the Nickel hasn't changed, I have however perfected my technique.

  • Cut Out only includes a black velveteen bag for safekeeping...most common for Golf Markers.
  • Soldered Pendant is finished with a Solid Sterling Silver Bail (adds $3.00)
  • Bezel Setting is a Solid Frame Holder around the Cut Only and are very sturdy for Keychains or Heavy Duty Pendants (adds $5.00)
  • Add a standard Split Ring for 25 cents to complete the Bezel as a Keyring