My New Platform

Posted by Jeremy - Artist and Creator of Coin Cut Art on 26th Oct 2014

Im excited to move to this big commerce format, it allows me to list more products, with more options, quicker and easier than my old site ever did.  My customers wont have to bounce from page to page to find different variations of the same coin,  all options for each cut coin are listed on one page.  I can now offer all the options and have programed the price differences and new images in. 

Big Commerce is also more up to date with social networking and modern day advertising tools.  Ive always published my art on Facebook, but now it is integrated.

Im also excited to have this blog where I can talk about my art like I do at art shows, have customer reviews, and places for people to provide me with more ideas.

I hope my existing customers enjoy this change as much as I do and if your a new customer, Im excited to provide you with the best Coin Art in the world.