Abraham Lincoln 2009 Commemorative Collection

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In 2009, the USA celebrated the 200th birthday of our 16th president.  It had been 50 years since any design changes had been made to the "Lincoln Cent", and coincidentally our first African American President was inaugurated just weeks before this historical moment for the president who ended slavery.  The amazing string of events made this 4 coin set a choice collectable for coin collectors and historians alike.  This set includes a "Birthplace" Cent also called the "Log Cabin Penny", a "Formative Years" Cent also called the "Log Splitter Penny", a "Professional Years" Cent, and a "Presidency" Cent.  All are hand cut from US Mint Bright Uncirculated collectors coins in 13 pieces, reassembled in Snaplock holders and displayed in a 4 Coin Black Leatherette case as pictured on my EXTRAS page.  Please e-mail me at grinan2@netzero.com if you have any questions. 

"Numismatic Jigsaw Puzzles", "Coin Jigsaw Puzzles", and "Jigsaw Puzzles made from Coins" are an original idea of Jeremy Barrett and copyright of Coin Cut Art; DBA Coin Cut Art.  All patent rights are reserved.

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