25 Piece Jigsaw Puzzle from a Silver American Eagle Silver Ounce

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Now you can call me crazy. Since I started doing this, many have. In 2008, I introduced these "Numismatic (Coin) Jigsaw Puzzles" as a joke to a customer in Texas who was always trying to stump me, and coin cutting has taken a crazy turn since. With a hand saw and a saw blade only .0021" thick, I cut most any coin into an interlocking jigsaw puzzle.  The very time consuming process includes hand-cutting one piece at a time, cleaning fine dust and wax off each piece with a brush and Q-tip, and reassembling with the help of tweezers. I originally sold them loose in a box, but browsers found it unbelievable that is would go back together.  I now sell them in 2"x 2" plastic coin snaps. You can leave it in the case or take it apart, just make sure to have tweezers, patience and aspirin available when putting it back together.  Please visit my "Birth of the Numismatic Jigsaw Puzzle" page for the complete story behind my original jigsaw puzzles.

Silver American Eagles began in 1986 and have been minted each year since.  The years listed are the years I have in stock, I can not guarantee being able to find other years but if you would like me to look, please choose that option and I'll contact you by email before proceeding with the order.  These SAE Commemorative Silver Coins are 25 piece puzzles, all come assembled in a snaplock case and Display Box of your choice for storage and display.   Each one is 5 to 6 hours for me to make start to finish, no two are alike.

I have also done a lot of special years, silver coins, and foreign coins...please e-mail me at grinan2@netzero.com prior to placing your order if you are interested in anything special.

"Numismatic Jigsaw Puzzles", "Coin Jigsaw Puzzles", and "Jigsaw Puzzles made from Coins" are an original idea of Jeremy Barrett and copyright of Coin Cut Art; DBA Coin Cut Art.  All patent rights are reserved.