17 Piece Jigsaw Puzzle Cut from any Dollar Coin

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Now you can call me crazy. Since I started doing this, many have. In 2008, I introduced these "Numismatic (Coin) Jigsaw Puzzles" as a joke to a customer in Texas who was always trying to stump me, and coin cutting has taken a crazy turn since. With a hand saw and a saw blade only .0021" thick, I cut most any coin into an interlocking jigsaw puzzle.  The very time consuming process includes hand-cutting one piece at a time, cleaning fine dust and wax off each piece with a brush and Q-tip, and reassembling with the help of tweezers. I originally sold them loose in a box, but browsers found it unbelievable that is would go back together.  I now sell them in 2"x 2" plastic coin snaps. You can leave it in the case or take it apart, just make sure to have tweezers, patience and aspirin available when putting it back together.  Please visit my "Birth of the Numismatic Jigsaw Puzzle" page for the complete story behind my original jigsaw puzzles.

All small dollar size puzzles are 17 pieces, no two are alike, and all come assembled.  Most coins after the first Susan B Dollars are available.  Due to lower demand I have stopped stocking Presidential Dollars after 2011 but if you want one, please note it in the box and I will find it for you.  Please choose your dollar before adding to cart. 

Single Coin Jigsaw Puzzles come with a Black Velveteen Bag useful for both display or storage.

"Numismatic Jigsaw Puzzles", "Coin Jigsaw Puzzles", and "Jigsaw Puzzles made from Coins" are an original idea of Jeremy Barrett and copyright of Coin Cut Art; DBA Coin Cut Art.  All patent rights are reserved.

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    Usable artwork!

    Posted by Vanessa Wikel on 21st Nov 2020

    The cuts are so freakin' clean it's hard to imagine this was done by hand, but if you go watch his video it's amazing what he does and the amount of time that goes into each piece! He also was very patient and kind to help me select a coin as I had no knowledge of coin years and such and in the end switched to a state quarter instead for sentimental reasons as this is a gift. I also received a prompt refund for the difference in cost. So needless to say, easy to work with as well ;). I hope my Father and I will have fun putting this together if the coronapocalypse Gods will allow it lol.

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    Unique Gift

    Posted by Unknown on 10th Jan 2018

    Very unique gift for the puzzle lover. Fast shipping. Friendly people and Easy to work with. I will definitely be buying more.

  • 5
    Perfect Gift For Someone Who Has Everything

    Posted by R. Leis on 3rd Jan 2015

    Very unique and an awesome conversation piece. I gave this to my son for Christmas and even though he got tons of other gifts, this was the one that he talked about to everyone, all of Christmas vacation. Good Job and Thank You!!